Montessori North Oxford children


Situated in the popular Summertown area of Oxford, the nursery is a bright, spacious setting with a large, resource-rich garden. Occupying an entire ground floor, it comprises a large open-plan hall, a kitchen, toilets and an office.

Access is via Banbury Road, with cycle paths and frequent bus services. A dedicated carpark facilitates easy drop-off/collection.


The senior manager, Rose Smith, is respected for her teaching excellence by parents, local schools and Ofsted, a reputation built up over 20 years at the nearby Field House Montessori setting. Since the merger of Field House with Summertown, she directs all teaching in line with Montessori principles.


The nursery is staffed by a mixture of graduates in childcare studies and Montessori qualified practitioners. Music/Dance and French teachers (part-time) enrich the learning experience for the children.

Our Approach

Every parent wants the very best for their child. Your child's early years are important for later growth and development of your child’s potential.

Through a process of astute observation in a carefully optimised environment, your child is provided with the "right" conditions to encourage him/her to blossom.

In the Montessori approach, the teacher directs the child towards activities that that will fulfil his/her needs. Free to choose their own activities, each child experience is presented to them individually. Within small groups, the child is helped to fully use and understand specifically designed equipment which:

We incorporate the Montessori approach into meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the curriculum for UK early years education. The EYFS offers much additional value to the child's education & welfare (Key Person, Safeguarding, Attainment goals, Progress tracking, a unified system to facilitate follow-on to big school).