Montessori North Oxford


To be a nursery central to the community, combining decades of practical experience with the latest learning tools and insights while remaining true to the Montessori approach.

Mission Statement

To empower staff through training and leadership to be their best selves; to continue being a nursery highly receptive to all children and families, honouring the privilege given to deliver the best possible outcomes with memorable, happy experiences for each child entrusted in our care.


Our values are best described by the Montessori principles, encapsulated
in the following poem:

A Montessori Child

Please don’t tell me what to love or hate.
Guide me honestly at my own pace.
My years are young, but my spirit is strong;
I don’t need to “fit in”, but I need to belong.
Follow me, and you will see, I can do wonders,
If you will let me be.

By Theresa Robinson